Hoover Building Model

Hoover Building Model

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Architect: Wallis, Gilbert and Partners

Year: 1938

Style: Art Deco

Location: London, England 

Material: Plaster, metal etching

Dimensions: 18cm high, 21cm wide, 5.5cm deep & 2.1kg approximately.

The Hoover Buildings have long been heralded as a monument to the art deco movement. The Hoover Buildings, designed by Wallis, Gilbert and Partners, are magnificent and a real advertisment for the Hoover company. The beautiful facades were a revolution in the 1930's and the use of colour was especially bold with the light green window frames making the buildings unmistakable. Chisel & Mouse have produced an architectural sculpture of "Building No.7". It was the last to be constructed and operated as the staff canteen and recreation centre.

Each of these architectural sculptures is handmade in one studio in Sussex, England. They are made of strong plaster that has a reassuring weight and smooth, cool feel. The window frames and door are made of etched nickel silver. Stylish ornaments, gifts or presents that are handmade in Britain and look fabulous on a desk, shelf or wall.

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